Learn About Cheyenne Manufacturing Inc.

Historical photos of Cheyenne Manufacturing productsCheyenne Manufacturing Inc. started by Sue and Fred on their ranch in Brush Prairie, Washington, with the idea of making a better cart that would be lightweight, easy to maneuver, and clean. Fred -- being a pioneer in the fiberglass industry -- put his knowledge to use and developed Cheyenne's first cart: The Workhorse. After much research and customer feedback, two more carts were designed: The Colt 300 and Colt 26. At the time, all you could get was wood, plastic, or metal carts on the market. Customers came to realize that fiberglass was a great option; long-lasting, it does not rust, rot, or crack.

Through customer contact, Cheyenne was asked to make products that were designed for the marine environment. Their life rings were rotting, and ropes were falling apart due to inadequate protection. At this point, we evaluated the problem and designed the Tough Guy Fiberglass Life Ring Cabinet. By enclosing and shielding the ring from the sun, rain, and weather, we stopped the problem. After much success with the Life Ring Cabinet, marinas asked us to make other products, such as dock boxes and fire hose and extinguisher cabinets.

We come from a humble but hardy beginning on a small ranch in Clark County, Washington. We started in livestock and moved into manufacturing fiberglass carts in 1979. By 1985, we moved to our present location, where we have been developing our technology for the manufacturing of our products. We have spent many years and resources to develop a new way to use fiberglass. We designed an injection molding system that made the cabinets smooth inside and out. Many years were spent developing it, and we now use Resin Transfer Molding--a new technology that is clean, effective, and environmentally friendly.