"Tough Guy" Fiberglass Fire Extinguisher Cabinet - Small - up to 10# Extinguisher

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Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Our “Tough Guy” Fiberglass Fire Extinguisher Cabinet is specialized to protect fire extinguishing tools from damaging UV rays and adverse weather while maintaining the equipment in good working order. These reliable Fire Extinguisher Cabinets are available in large (fits a 20-pound extinguisher) and small (fits a 10-pound extinguisher) sizes.


Fire extinguisher cabinet small #10: (Outside Dimensions)

  • Height - 23½"
  • Width - 8½"
  • Depth - 7½"

When ordering we will need the following info to complete your order. 

We manufacture the cabinets with a Lockable Break Glass (usually for public areas) or Non-Locking T-Handle (for Commercial facilities without alot of public access)

Also your mounting hardware is included for Wall, Deck or Rail  -  (Please Choose your mounting option) and again no change in price.

** We also offer (3) Upgrades - (These are optional)

UV INHIBITING GEL COAT FINISH   -  $35.00 PER CABINET                              (To protect your cabinet from wind erosion and sun damage)

STAINLESS STEEL UPGRADE  -  $35.00 PER CABINET                              (Hinge, rivets & handle (except for break glass) -                                                      (To protect against rust in the salt air)

RUBBER WEATHER GASKET  -  $10.00 PER CABINET                                    (To keep rain and bugs out of your cabinet)

 Standard Color is Red - Other colors available at no additional charge (Please call 800-424-7575 to see about colors available)